Flora Design Packaging

Manufacturer of BOPP film products for wholesale gift, food and floral.

  • Minimum Order is 400lbs of film. Average yield for rolls is 240 of 40” x 100’.
  • Lead-time is 4-6 weeks (or sooner) from receipt of Disk Ready Artwork (We are able to produce Disk ready Artwork if needed).
  • Up to six colour designs can be produced.
  • Rolls, Bags, Sheets and or Sleeves can be made from the film.
  • Plates, Moulds and Rubbers are an extra charge. Please note that Flora Design does not mark up the cost of the Custom Plates. We provide copies of the bills with your invoice.
  • Plate charges are billed separately and due in 30 days.
  • Plates and Moulds will be sent back to the customer upon request.
  • Prices vary on the Custom Plates according to the detail of each Design.